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What You Need and Where To Get Bulk Supplies, Top Loaders, Sleeves, and More for TCG and Sports Card Collecting | Invincible Card Supplies

Necessary Bulk Supplies For Sports Cards Collectors:

  • "Penny" / Card Sleeves
  • Top Loaders
  • Magnetic Card Cases
  • Semi Rigid Card Holders 
  • Combo Lock Case

Here at Invincible we provide collectors, beginners and veterans alike, with all the necessary supplies needed to begin and sustain their hobby and investments in collecting. Here's what bulk supplies you'll need, and is where to get them.

Invincible Cards Where to buy bulk supplies for card collectors and what you need to know

What You Need To Know

If you are new to collecting sports cards, tcg cards, and/or memorabilia it's quite essential to have supplies handy when opening, collecting, selling, and displaying cards to ensure their safety and that their condition is maintained and not worsened by being unprotected.

Yes, there are differences in quality of supplies manufactured by different supply companies. Yes, ours are all outstanding, premium products.

Card Sizes

As veteran collectors know and new collectors will learn, there are different sizes of cards and card thicknesses. While most cards maintain a common range of thickness normally around 35 pt thickness, and a common trading card size of 3 x 4 inches, card manufacturers produce cards that vary. There are mini cards and jumbo cards, there are older cards that had different standard dimensions, and standard modern cards with 3 x 4 in dimensions. Additionally, while common sport and tcg cards will fit in 35 pt thick card supplies, the type of card will change what size supplies you need. Normal thickness include 35-130 pt cards. As you collect you will become more familiar with understanding sizes yourself but this general guide should do you well:

35 pt - Fits standard size sport and tcg cards

55 pt - Fits autographed cards, slightly thick cards, and chrome cards

75 pt - Fit slightly thicker autographed cards and thin memorabilia cards

100 pt - Fits most memorabilia cards

130 pt - Fits thick memorabilia cards and thin patch + auto (rpa) cards

Card / "Penny" Sleeves

At the very least you'll need card sleeves to immediately place any card you value or appreciate in. Card sleeves are very affordable for all collectors and are better to be with than without anytime you're active in #thehobby. 

Here at Invincible we pride ourselves on providing what many collectors have deemed as the best quality card or "penny" sleeves on the market, and we'd encourage you to confirm or disprove that for yourself - we think you'll be impressed. While our sleeves are available at outstanding value for premium supplies, made by collectors for collectors, and shipped to your door, higher quantity orders will further increase your value by being available at a lower price; so the cost per pack will decrease as the number of packs you choose increase.

After placing cards into sleeves you can decide whether to place them in top loaders or in binder pages. 

Top Loaders

Top Loaders

Top loaders are plastic cases with an opening at the top to place cards already in penny sleeves. The thin plastic of the card sleeve will protect cards from any immediate surface damage and dust while the top loader you put your sleeved card in will ensure stability to the card and prevent it from bending, folding, or damage better than just the sleeves.

Like card sleeves, top loaders vary in thickness. We, of course, provide all top loader sizes: 35 pt, 55 pt, 75 pt, 100 pt, and 130 pt. Depending on what products you open you'll normally have common 35 pt cards with some thicker hits, while those opening higher end products will more commonly have thicker cards. Whatever your needs may be Invincible Premium Top Loaders are an outstanding choice for keeping your cards safe for storage, display, and shipping while larger quantity orders will provide even better value for you as the customer.

For bulk collectors, cards you don't enjoy or value as much as others, or those who prefer it, rather than placing your sleeved cards in top loaders you can place the cards into 9 pocket binder sleeve pages than can be safely storing hundred of cards in your binders. Finally, for cards not deemed too valuable or a part of your personal collection you can put those sleeved or sleeves and top-loaded cards into boxes you can store in a safe, dry place.

Magnetic Card Cases For TCG Pokemon and Sports Card Collectors

Magnetic Card Cases

Magnetic card cases are very nice, thick cases closed shut by magnet which most collectors put their favorite or best cards in. Some collectors know them by the term one touches which was made popular by an incumbent. These cases, while very nice for displaying cards are not always collectors' favorite choice to keep cards in because there can be movement and the cards are put directly into the case without a sleeve, unlike when they are sleeved prior to being put into top loaders. Many veteran collectors will put their card in the correct size case and place a penny sleeve over the card inside of the magnetic card case to protect the surface of the card. 

As with the card / penny sleeves and top loaders, magnetic card cases come in the same, varying sizes: 35-130+ pt. 

We would always highly recommend magnetic card cases for storing and displaying your favorite cards. Our cases look stunning, exceptionally protect cards, and are available in all necessary sizes to have shipped to your door in bulk or in small quantity to test out for yourself. They look better than top loaders, and allow you to separate your good cards from your many top-loaded cards as your collection grows.

Semi Rigid Card Holder Card Saver Supplies Grading Cards

Semi Rigid Card Holders

Semi rigid card cases / holders are the select cases to place cards in when sending them out to grading companies to be graded and sealed into company slabs. As you advance in collecting you may get good cards in good condition that you may consider grading. Grading allows a third party to "grade" your card by looking it over in detail and applying a score of condition according to their standard scoring system. Collectors grade cards to have them protected in sonically sealed cases, be authenticated, and potentially score a high grade to increase, maintain, or more clearly identify the value of that exact card.

Semi rigid card holders, also known by the name "card savers" - made popular by another incumbent - while great and essentially mandatory for grading cards, have their pros and cons in regards to choosing this case for protection.

These semi rigid card holders are thin and affordable so useful for keeping cards in. Like top loaders, cards are put into sleeves before being placed into the card holders. Although they are thing and easy to store or stack, the prevention of damage may be even less so with a card holder than top loader because it is less thick and less sturdy. While there are semi rigid holders for tobacco, mini, jumbo, or other uniquely sizes cards - there is only one universal size you normally need for grading modern cards and it will fit thin and thick cards - 35-130pt 

Combination Lock Card Cases For Graded Card Slabs

Commination Lock Card Cases

As your journey in collecting cards continues and you venture into grading cards or collecting graded cards yourself, it's recommended many collectors get combination lock or other heavy duty cases to safe organize, store, and transport your favorite cards. 

Our combination lock card cases are heavy duty cases, available in small and large sizes, with premium handles, and foam insulation. The cases are made to fit all companies' graded card slabs and subsequently fit smaller cases that cards may be in such as top loaders, semi rigid card savers, and top loaders as well. Whether you are storing the cards at home, transporting cards, going to and from card shows, or just keeping valuables safe and organized the cases come in handy and are much better and preferred to carboard boxes.

Invincible Premium Card Case For Card Shows


  • The Main Supplies You'll Need: Sleeves, Top loaders, Magnetic Cases, Semi Rigid Card Holders for Grading, Combo Lock Cases For Slabs, Storage, and Travel.
  • The Main Sizes of Cards: 35 pt, 55 pt, 75 pt, 100 pt, 130 pt.
  • Where to Get Supplies: Invincible Premium Card Supplies
  • Always put your cards in sleeves and then a thicker case for more rigid protection. Keep cards safe and in their best condition to ensure maximum value and restoration for your collection or if you prefer to buy, trade, and sell cards / collectibles.


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