The Best Way To Display Your PSA Graded Card Collection | Invincible Collector

The Best Way To Display Your PSA Graded Card Collection | Invincible Collector

How to Display Your PSA Graded Card Collection

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Graded Cards are a fun, great part of collecting cards and sports memorabilia. While there are many sports fan around the world there are increasingly more card collectors - and that is a great thing to see.

In the sports card world many hobbyists begin by looking for cards they like, opening single packs, or opening retail boxes.

As collectors become more experienced, they'll often begin buying, selling, trading, or grading cards themselves. Graded cards from reputable authentication companies are desirable because they authenticate the card, grade the card based on its condition, and seal it in a protective case. 

While graded cards, or "slabs," are very cool to have in your collection you don't want to keep them tucked away in cases, boxes, or vaults to be left unseen. While you can keep your investment pieces secured, the best way to display your PSA Graded Card collection is with premium, fully transparent acrylic frames that open and close magnetically while stunningly displaying your standard size PSA cards.

These displays frames are used and appreciated by collectors nationwide. They arrive to collectors safely, with protective film surrounding each piece of the premium acrylic and are currently available to store and display variations of three or nine cards at a time. The smaller 3 PSA Card Display Frame does very well standing with cards inside and comes with wall mounts fixtures attached to the back. The larger 9 PSA Card Display Frame arrives similarly: with protective film, premium acrylic, strong magnetic closure, and wall mount fixtures.

These premium display frame are currently the best way to enjoy your PSA graded card collection whether they stand on your desk against the wall, or are hung up safely with strong fixtures and minimal construction required. The acrylic is fully transparent to beautifully show the cards, their grades, and their outstanding colors. The frames are made of three pieces: a back with wall mounts, a middle acrylic piece fit to secure standard PSA graded cards, and the front cover.

PSA is often considered the top grading and authentication company for collectible trading cards and consistently grades the largest number of cards month over month and year over year. While collectors often enjoy the financial appreciation and investment in collectibles, even lower end pieces are often stunning when displayed in frames and allow you and your friends to enjoy your passion for collecting. 

How to Store Your PSA Graded Card Collection


how to store your graded card collection


While not all collectors will be able to display their entire collections or favorite pieces the options to store them are very secure, convenient, and useful. Our two sizes of combination lock cases featured in a small and large size hold 50+ and 100+ graded cards respectively. The premium cases feature combo lock passcodes, premium secure build, durable soft foam insulation, and a high quality convenient handle for transportation.

Whether going to card shows, traveling with cards otherwise, or storing your collection - the premium combination lock cases are the best way to store your graded cards at home.

While we and many collectors trust our premium supplies, our ultimate intention is to ensure that with Invincible Card Supplies or not collectors are properly and safely storing and displaying their card collections to enjoy. Be sure to appreciate the cards you have while you have them and protect them from any potential damage or theft. The hobby is a great place to be so long as you participate responsibly.

Keep Collecting! 



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